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What is thigh lift surgery?

Thigh lift surgery (thighplasty) is a body contouring procedure performed to help enhance the overall shape of the thighs, and to correct the undesirable aesthetic issues resulting from the loss of skin elasticity in the thigh region. Thigh lifts effectively sculpt and tighten the inner and outer thighs, and can also be used to improve the appearance of dimpled, sagging, or excess thigh skin.

Thigh lift procedures are also frequently performed on patients who are unhappy with the appearance of excess skin in the thigh region resulting from the loss of a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

What are the potential benefits of a thigh lift?

Thigh lifts can help patients achieve the appearance of the thighs they have always wanted by sculpting and tightening the inner and outer thighs.  Thigh lifts can also be used to improve the appearance of dimpled, sagging, or excess thigh skin.

Regardless as to whether this weight loss took place in the context of a diet and exercise regimen, or after undergoing weight loss (bariatric) surgery, thighplasty can offers an effective solution to the issue of unsightly excess hanging thigh skin in the case of post-massive weight loss patients. For many of these patients, the removal of the excess thigh skin can enable them to truly see and appreciate the results of their hard fought weight loss efforts.

What are the different thigh lift options?

There are three general types of thigh lift procedures:

  • Medial Thigh Lift: this procedure is performed to tighten, lift and enhance the appearance and contour of the inner thighs, and involves an incision made at the junction of the pubic area and the upper thigh.


  • Horizontal Thigh Lift: during this surgery, the skin along both the left and right side of the leg is tightened and excess skin is removed via a horizontal incision made at the top of the leg, close to the hipbone, and where the bottom edge of bikini underwear would fall.


  • “T” Thigh Lift:  this procedure involves the removal of excess skin fat from the upper and lower part of the inner thigh using a horizontal incision (begins in the groin area and runs along the back of the buttock crease) and a vertical incision (down in the inner upper thigh up to the knee depending on the amount of lift desired).


Thighplasty is generally performed in an outpatient setting using general anaesthesia and lasts approximately 1-3 hours (unless performed in conjunction with other body sculpting surgeries). For patients who present with excess fatty tissue and excess skin in the thigh region, liposuction can be performed prior to thigh lift surgery to improve the overall results. Liposuction can also be added concomitantly to the thigh lift surgery allowing for more sculpting of the thigh and sometimes decreasing the length of the vertical incisions.

What is the thigh lift procedure and recovery?

Following your thigh lift surgery, temporary drains will be placed to facilitate the drainage of excess blood and fluid, and these drains are typically removed 1-2 weeks after your procedure. The extensiveness of your thighplasty procedure (meaning the amount of skin and fat that has been removed) will determine the length of your post-operative recovery period; however, most patients should allocate 7-14 days for healing and recuperation, and should try to minimize leg movement whenever possible during that period of rest. Any post-surgical swelling or bruising typically subsides within one month, and within 4-6 months, most patients find that they are able to resume the majority of their daily activities.

What is the post-operative advice and care after a thigh lift?

Day Surgery

Thigh lift surgery can range anywhere from 1-3 hours, after which, you may be released (depending on your medical condition and health state) to a friend or family member and may return home to continue your recovery.


Dr. Sinno and his team will apply a special dressing and initial bandages that should be kept dry and clean for the first week. At that point the bandages will be removed and your post-operative state will be evaluated.

Compressive garments will need to be worn for a minimal amount of 6 weeks after your thigh lift procedure. The lower body compressive binders or girdle should be applied on top of your dressings and should be tight enough to feel the pressure, but not too tight where it causes discomfort.

After your surgery, in the case of drains, our nursing staff will happily teach you draining procedures. Dr. Sinno will provide you with a prescription for drain care at your local community service centre (CLSC). Drains are usually removed by the CLCS within 1-2 weeks after your procedure (this can vary depending on each patient and their healing ability).

Showers & Washing

The bandages are usually removed within a week after surgery. Dr. Sinno recommends that all bandages should remain dry and clean. Showers should be avoided, until authorized by Dr. Sinno. This is usually after all bandages are removed at the first postoperative visit. Until then, sponge baths are recommended.

We recommend using white unscented shampoo and soap, along with running water on the incisions after the bandages are removed and only when given medical authorization to do so.

Activity and Exercise

Dr. Sinno recommends that patients refrain from all activities that may increase their heart rate or blood pressure, including exercise, sexual activity, stressful situations, etc., for at least the first two weeks after your surgery.

However, it is recommended that patients walk and perform their usual activities within the limitation of the medical advice given and in tolerance to their comfort. No lifting of more than 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) is recommended for at least two weeks after surgery.

Sleeping with the legs slightly elevated with a pillow can help decrease swelling in the first few days after surgery. Dr. Sinno recommends to his patients to elevate the legs while sitting down during the day during the first 3 days following surgery.

– Driving

It is recommended that patients do not drive when taking narcotic pain medications and when wearing bulky dressings that may hinder their normal reflexes and reactivity.

General Healing

You may experience some swelling and bruising that will peak two to three days after your thigh lift, and usually subsides within 2-6 weeks. Post-operative swelling, pain, bruising and duration may differ, depending on the patient and the extent of the thigh lift performed.

You can expect to be able to see visible aesthetic improvements in your thigh immediately following your lift. These results should continue to progress over the following weeks, as the incision site heals and the swelling decreases. Swelling can take six weeks to subside. Dr. Sinno advises his patients that the final results should be expected approximately one year following the procedure, at which point all scars and incisions should be mature.

What are the risks and potential complications of a thigh lift procedure?

All medical and surgical procedures have inherent risks and potential complications that are associated with them. It is imperative that you understand the potential risks, complications and consequences that can arise after the medical or surgical procedure you undertake. This understanding will better allow you to be able to provide informed consent, based on the comparison to the potential benefit of the desired procedure.


Although the materialization of inherent risks is rare and developing complications is unlikely, these are real events that can occur. Dr. Sinno will help you to understand the risk/benefit profile of your desired procedure.

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