Montreal’s Top Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Hani Sinno is Restructuring the Face of Plastic Surgery in Canada and Beyond

” Some people may misinterpret the symbolism of the word “plastic” when they think of plastic surgery, being led by media scrutiny and botched procedures to believe that the practice of this kind of medicine is little more than a vanity plate on a totaled vehicle. Dr. Hani Sinno is here to correct more than that unfortunate misconception through his committed, empathetic work: he aims to bring a welcoming, homey, and colorful experience to the entire process of cosmetic surgery that emphasizes each patient’s unique transformation and makes them feel pampered throughout the process. “


As seen on TV

Injections, cellulite treatment, face lifts, abdominoplasty, liposuction: face and body procedures are more fashionable than ever! This observational documentary series offers an immersion into the world of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive treatments. Doctors specializing in aesthetics open the doors of their offices and allow us to witness the procedures they perform. The production also follows patients, who represent today’s Quebec, to understand their journey, their desires, their questions and their choices until the day of the procedure and during their recovery. INJECTIONS AND BISTOURIS lifts the veil on an industry where taboos are numerous!