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Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures on both women and men across North America. It is a procedure that can be performed under local anaesthesia with extremely small and hidden incisions to remove excess fat and help sculpt the face and body.

Although there are many important health benefits to following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, many individuals experience frustration when their healthy lifestyle choices do not result in a lean, proportional physique, and they are still left with the troublesome aesthetic issue of localized fat deposits.

These stubborn fat pockets are often the result of one’s genetics, rather than poor nutritional choices or too little exercise, and often prove resistant to even the most rigorous exercise and strict dietary programs.

Fortunately, liposuction (also referred to as lipoplasty or liposculpture) is a surgical procedure that can address and correct this type of persistent fat pockets situated between the skin and muscle, thereby creating a more tight, chiseled, and sculpted facial appearance.

Liposuction surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and the duration of the procedure  is usually between 30 to 60 minutes.

Extremely small incisions ranging from 2-5 mm are performed in concealed areas. After that a fluid composed of different medications is injected in these holes to help the solid fat become liquid. Once the fat has liquefied, a blunt (non sharp) cannula in inserted under the skin and sucks the excess-undesired fat and helps reshape and restructure the chin and jawline. 

The tumescent liposuction technique is a popular surgical technique involving the injection of a large volume of diluted local anaesthesia and epinephrine into the subcutaneous fat, causing the area to become tumescent (swollen and firm), before removing the fat utilizing a surgical vacuum or syringe.

Different liposuction exists including smart lipo, ultrasound assisted lipo, and power assisted liposuction.

Smart liposuction utilizes the heat of a laser to melt the fat. This unfortunately can cause burns and seromas.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction utilizes the help of ultrasound waves directed at the surface of the skin to liquefy the fat underneath.

Power assisted liposuction uses the micromovements and vibrations of the cannula to help liquefy the fat, which helps minimize trauma to the fat pockets and surrounding tissue.

Cheek fat injections help recreate a youthful appearance to the otherwise sagging aging face.

Breast fat injections can be a safe alternative to breast augmentation without the use of implants. Here, women can achieve bigger enhanced breasts and can even help with sagging by the injection of fat directly into the breast tissue.

Please note Dr. Sinno is now only offering fat transfer to the breasts, face and liposuction to the chin.

Following your liposuction procedure, the treated area will generally be wrapped firmly to reduce bruising and swelling, and you will be given a compression garment to wear for up to 6 weeks. Post-surgical bruising, swelling, and fluid drainage is normal for the first 7-10 days, and you may be given antibiotics and pain medication to ameliorate any discomfort and prevent infection. Most patients find that they are able to return to work within a few days, and gradually resume normal activities when it is comfortable to do so. The enhanced contours of your new physique will be apparent after the post-surgical fluid retention and swelling subside. In order to preserve your liposuction results, you will be advised to avoid gaining a significant amount of weight, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Day Surgery

Liposuction surgery can range anywhere from 1-2 hours (depending on the site and amount of fat to be removed), after which, you may be released (depending on your medical condition and health state) to a friend or family member and may return home to continue your recovery.


Dr. Sinno and his team will apply a special dressing and initial bandages that should be kept dry and clean for the first week. At that point the bandages will be removed and your post-operative state will be evaluated. Compressive garments will need to be worn for a minimal amount of 6 weeks after your liposuction procedure.

Because liposuction involves the injection of a special fluid that liquefies the fat to be able to suction it out, a lot of residual post-operative leakage from the incisions is to be expected. Sometimes the bandages can become too moist so they must be changed as needed.

Showers & Washing

The bandages are usually removed within a week after surgery. Dr. Sinno recommends that all bandages should remain dry and clean. Showers should be avoided, until authorized by Dr. Sinno. This is usually after all bandages are removed at the first postoperative visit. Until then, sponge baths are recommended.

We recommend using white unscented shampoo and soap, along with running water on the incisions after the bandages are removed and only when given medical authorization to do so.


Dr. Sinno recommends that patients refrain from all activities that may increase their heart rate or blood pressure, including exercise, sexual activity, stressful situations, etc., for at least the first two weeks after your surgery.

However, it is recommended that patients walk and perform their usual activities within the limitation of the medical advice given and in tolerance to their comfort. No lifting of more than 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) is recommended for at least two weeks after surgery.

Sleeping on the surgical site directly should be avoided if possible for at least two weeks after your procedure.


It is recommended that patients do not drive when taking narcotic pain medications and when wearing bulky dressings that may hinder their normal reflexes and reactivity.

General Healing

You may experience some swelling and bruising that will peak two to three days after your liposuction, and usually subsides within 2-6 weeks. Post-operative swelling, pain, bruising and duration may differ, depending on the patient and the extent of the liposuction performed.

– You can expect to be able to see visible aesthetic improvements in your surgical region after the post-surgical fluid retention and swelling subside. These results should continue to progress over the following weeks, as the incision site heals and the swelling decreases. Swelling can take six weeks to subside. Dr. Sinno advises his patients that the final results should be expected approximately one year following the procedure, at which point all scars and incisions should be mature.

All medical and surgical procedures have inherent risks and potential complications that are associated with them. It is imperative that you understand the potential risks, complications and consequences that can arise after the medical or surgical procedure you undertake. This understanding will better allow you to be able to provide informed consent, based on the comparison to the potential benefit of the desired procedure.

Although the materialization of inherent risks is rare and developing complications is unlikely, these are real events that can occur. Dr. Sinno will help you to understand the risk/benefit profile of your desired procedure.

The average cost of a chin liposuction procedure range between $3,400 to $4,400 plus applicable taxes.

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