How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery: Tips and Guidelines

Sleeping after breast augmentation surgery is an essential part of the recovery process, and It is important to follow proper sleeping techniques to minimize discomfort and promote healing.

Here are a few helpful tips and guidelines on how to get a good night’s sleep after breast augmentation surgery.

Choosing the Right Sleeping Position After Breast Augmentation

Sleep is paramount when recuperating from a surgical operation, and breast enhancement is no different. Getting a good night’s rest is the best way your body can work on healing itself and reducing inflammation.

After breast augmentation surgery, you’ll be required to sleep in a position to minimize swelling and allow the incisions to heal and the implants to settle into place. There are two sleep positions you can choose from to reduce discomfort while you lie in bed.

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Sleep on Your Back

The most recommended sleeping position after breast augmentation surgery is on your back. This position helps minimize pressure on the breasts and reduces the risk of complications. If this puts too much pressure on your lower back, place a couple of pillows behind your back and under your knees for added support and comfort. 

Semi-Reclined Position

If sleeping flat on your back is uncomfortable, you might want to consider sleeping in a semi-reclined position with pillows to help keep your upper body elevated. Prop yourself up with several pillows or a wedge pillow, or make yourself comfortable in an adjustable bed or reclining chair. This position can help alleviate pressure on the breasts and provide additional comfort.

When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation?

If you’re a side sleeper, you’re probably wondering when you can safely return to your preferred sleeping position after your breast augmentation surgery. While each individual’s healing process varies, you should avoid sleeping on your side for at least the first two weeks after your surgery. 

Sleeping on your side can put pressure on the breasts, potentially causing discomfort and affecting the healing process. To avoid complications, sleeping on your back or in a semi-reclined position are the two recommended positions to sleep in during the initial post-op recovery period. 

Tips From Dr Sinno to Help You Get a Good’s Night Rest After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Establish a Healthy Bed Routine

Keep your bedroom temperature cool, quiet, and dark, and sleep in loose sleepwear. Use blackout curtains and earplugs or white noise to minimize distractions and promote better sleep. 


Practice Different Sleep Positions Before Surgery

If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, you should practice sleeping on your back before the surgery. While it can be challenging sleeping in a position you’re not used to, you’ll have time to experiment and try different angles and see which is most comfortable for you.


Remain Active

After surgery, you should refrain from moving your arms above your head or increasing your heart rate. However, you should keep doing your usual daily activity within the limitation of the medical advice you receive. Taking leisurely walks around your home or neighbourhood can help improve the duration and quality of your sleep, so you can heal and get back to your old self quickly.


Reduce Stimulants Before Bedtime

To get yourself in a relaxed state of mind, minimize all stimulants 2 hours before bedtime. Avoiding alcohol, caffeinated and high-sugar foods and beverages and putting your electronic devices on sleep mode in the evening can help you relax and clear your mind. 

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